7 Must Know Strategies for Advertising Bookkeeping Business Services

7 Must Know Strategies for Advertising Bookkeeping Business Services 1

So, you’re looking into what advertising a bookkeeping business should look like. Advertising your bookkeeping service on the search engines is an important and effective strategy for a few reasons.  Firstly, search engines like Google are the primary source of information for the majority of people seeking products and services.  According to a study by […]

9 Secrets To Successful Furniture Advertising [Update 2024]

Furniture Advertising

Here’s the brutal truth about the furniture industry and furniture advertising… It’s old school.  And for the longest time my “20-something self” tried to fix this problem. But instead of transitioning to online sales- store owners all said the same thing: “People want to sit in a couch before they buy it” Then Carvana came […]

12-Step Guide To Highly Effective Wedding Venue Facebook Ads

wedding venue facebook ads

Chapter 1: Getting Started This article will give you a step-by-step guide to create your own social advertising campaign. You will learn a step by step how to create your own wedding venue Facebook Ads. As a quick note: Johnson Jones Group (the agency providing this information) is a digital marketing agency that focuses specifically on […]

Top PPC Agency in Philadelphia: Hire The Professionals

Top PPC Agency in Philadelphia

As more businesses are making the shift to being all digital, they are more than likely looking for a marketing agency with a pay per click (PPC) strategy. This is why when you are researching marketing agencies to hire, you want to land on a top PPC agency in Philadelphia. We recommend running ads if […]

Google Ads vs SEO – Pros, Cons & Which is Better

google ads vs seo

New to marketing? I’m sure you’ve been told how important SEO is – and how your business has to be running Google Ads; but which of these digital marketing tools is better? Let’s jump in and see if we can find the best digital marketing tools to help your business grow, and finally answer the […]

Google Ads Management Services – Top 13 PPC Agencies

Google Ads Management Services

Today I’m going to break down Google Ads Management for you.  We are going to look at: Which agencies are best to work with? What is Google Ads? Is Google Ads Best For Your Industry? How much should Google Ads Management cost? What are the best options for Google Ads Management?  Whether your business is […]

Senior Living Community Ads in 2024 – What you need to Know

Senior Living Community Ads

Does your senior community have vacancies that need to be filled? Or are you just interested in growing or starting a new community in general? Running senior living community ads will be an effective way to generate new interest in the community. According to arc.aarpinternational.org, over 10,000 Americans turn 65 every single day, and this […]

12 Best Google Ads Agency For 2024 Businesses

Google Ads Agency

In this article, we will be discussing whether or not it’s beneficial to run Google Ads for your business and if you need a Google Ads Agency to do so.  We will also give you our top Google Ads agency choices of the year by industry.  Let’s get into it.  Is Google Ads Worth It?  […]

Google Ads: Super Easy Trick To Fix “Tag Inactive” [Update 2024]

Google Ads: Super Easy Trick To Fix “Tag Inactive” [Update 2024] 3

Get Google Tag Assistant Google Tag Assistant is a Chrome extension that checks pages tags. This tool is free and really helpful when trying to figure out where you went wrong. The point of the tool is to find out which tags are firing on the page and which ones are not. Check The Tags On Your Landing […]

Therapy Ads: 14 Mind-Blowing Ways to Advertise Your Private Practice [Update 2024]

therapy ads

Do you want to know how to advertise counseling services to bring in more clients? You’re in the right place. Advertising for therapists has never been easier! Let’s jump right in. 1. Have A Website That is Optimized for Conversions It’s often difficult to think about your patients as clients with a value assigned to them. […]