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Our Simple Formula to Bring You More Tours

Increase Your Web Traffic

Boost your visibility with social media ads, google ads, and search engine marketing.

Turn Your Visitors Into Leads

Build a stunning website that is designed (and scientifically proven) to convert.

Simplify sales & book Tours

Save time with automated email follow-ups, 1:1 SMS campaigns & organized CRM.

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Generate More Leads with a Website That Converts

Is your website struggling to generate leads? Our team of web designers, developers, and SEO specialist will work together to create a wedding venue website that converts your traffic into sales.

SEO Services


Rank Your Site With Search Engine Optimization

Having trouble ranking your website? Let Johnson Jones Group’s SEO experts take control and jumpstart your Google rankings. We cover all industry best practices to make sure you start consistently ranking on the first page of Google.

Content Marketing


Boost your Traffic with Content Marketing

Think long term by growing organic traffic to your wedding venue website. And in-turn generating organic clients to your business. Our strategy focuses on a blue collar 1-keyword-1-page philosophy. Because SEO is purely “more effort = better rankings”. It’s not about using confusing terms and tactics to “trick” an algorithm. 

Social Media Ads


Grow Your Brand with Social Media Advertising​

Discover exponential business growth with Johnson Jones Group Digital Marketing’s unrivaled social media advertising solutions. Our expert team crafts tailored strategies that harness the full potential of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. By pinpointing your target audience, we ensure your message reaches the right people at the right time, driving engagement, leads, and conversions.

Google Ads


Capture Your Users Where They're Searching

Full service strategy and management of all your campaigns so you can sit back and let new customers come to you. Our certified wedding venue marketing specialists use experience and data-driven models to fine tune advertising campaigns catered to increase your brand awareness and drive affordable conversions.

Reporting & Analytics


Take Control of Your Business with Web Analytics

Through cutting-edge web analytics techniques, we decode invaluable insights from user behavior, enabling informed decisions for your growth journey. Our adept team meticulously tracks website interactions, revealing trends, identifying strengths, and uncovering untapped opportunities.

CRM Automations


Streamline Your Sales with CRM Automation

Managing your business can be stressful and the last thing you want is to leave a contact on read. Free up time to do what you do best with custom automated lead nurturing emails. Never let a lead slip through the cracks again! Start automating your sales by downloading our free marketing guide below!

Some of our happy clients.

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Your Team of Wedding Venue Marketing Experts

You need more than a a strategy, you need a team of marketing experts. Let the pros at Johnson Jones Group take your marketing to the next level so that you can focus on your business.

You probably have some questions.

Why did I Receive a Coffee mug?

After 5 + years and developing campaigns for dozens of venues, we have refined our processes and developed strategies that help our clients increase tours, decrease manual follow-up with leads, and even help couples through their buyer’s journey with custom dashboards.

Do you sell leads like the directories?

In short, No. We partner with our clients and develop longer-term relationships. 

How can you help my venue?

After 5 + years and developing campaigns for over 25 different venues we have refined our processes and developed strategies that help our clients increase tours, decrease manual follow up with leads, and even help the couples through their buyer’s journey with custom dashboards.

What if I already book enough weddings?

Part of our process focuses on decreasing the amount of individual lead follow-up. We have partnered with multiple venues that have already booked plenty of weddings but needed a better way to manage their leads.

Find Out How We Can Help Grow Your Venue

Let’s discuss your marketing needs, and we’ll help you put together a digital marketing strategy that will book you more weddings and save you time.

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