12 Best Google Ads Agency For 2022 Businesses

In this article, we will be discussing whether or not it’s beneficial to run Google Ads for your business and if you need a Google Ads Agency to do so. 

We will also give you our top Google Ads agency choices of the year by industry. 

Let’s get into it. 

Is Google Ads Worth It? 

Business owners are always asking us if it’s worth it to run Google Ads for their businesses. It can certainly be scary to turn on the ads for the first time, but we think you will like the results you can expect. 

WebFX reports that the average Google Ads account in 2020 had a 200% Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). This means the average business in 2020 was able to generate $2 with every $1 they spent on Google Advertising. That alone makes Google Advertising worth it for many businesses, but there is another upside to consider. 

Google Ads Agency

This number includes even those accounts that are underperforming or creating a negative ROAS. That said, if you have someone running your ads who has digital advertising experience, you have the potential to generate significantly more than 200% return on your advertising budget. Your exact return will depend on any number of factors like industry, market size, cost per click, etc. If you have a knowledgeable Google Ads account manager targeting the right audiences and optimizing your ads regularly, your most likely going to do well.

Do I Need An Agency For Google Ads?

Anyone can open a Google Ads account and turn it on. That said, there is a significant number of very technical settings in a Google Ads account you will need to understand to get the best results. 

We have audited countless ads accounts and we have found that many companies have wasted thousands of dollars advertising to keywords that will never bring them any customers. Not only this, but many companies unknowingly are advertising to people in geographic areas they don’t serve, wasting even more money. 

Another mistake many companies make in their Google Ads account is that they don’t track conversions and optimize based on the data that comes into their account. 

Any of these mistakes can result in your company losing money on ads instead of making that 200%+ profit.

So do you need to hire an agency for your Google Ads account? 

Ads Agency

Here are 3 indicators that YOU DO NOT NEED AN AGENCY

  1. If you (or a staff member) know your Google Ads account is making a profit and you can point out exactly which numbers prove that, then you probably don’t need an agency. 
  2. If you can point out what your ROAS is, and you can reduce your cost per lead (or cost per sale) by optimizing your ads account, you probably don’t need a Google Ads agency. 
  3. If you know both of the above and you are sending your Google Ads traffic to a keyword-targeted, conversion-optimized landing page, you’re definitely in the clear. 

Here are 3 indicators YOU DO NEED AN AGENCY:

  1. You aren’t sure how to identify your ROAS or ROI in your Google Ads account. 
  2. You aren’t sure what your conversions or KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) are or how to set them. 
  3. You don’t have or don’t know what landing pages are. 

If you think you may need to look into hiring a Google Ads agency, you will want to choose the best agency for your business. 

Let’s get more into this now.

How Do I Choose A Google Ads Agency?

When choosing a Google Ads agency, there are a few things you will want to know:

  1. Industry Experience: You will want to know if the agency you are working with has had experience working with similar businesses or other businesses in your industry. 
  2. Results: What kind of results has the Agency achieved for other clients like you? Many clients expect results within a month but this can often be unrealistic. Depending on your industry, the size of your budget, and other factors, it can sometimes take a couple of months to start seeing results from your ads. The best results will always come after you have 6 to 12 months of data and optimizations in your account. Make sure you can handle these upfront costs before getting the results. 
  3. Pricing Structure: Most Google Ads agencies will use either a flat-rate monthly fee, a percentage of your ad spend or charge a fee for each conversion in your account. You can also expect a one-time onboarding fee to get you set up with your new advertising system. Make sure you are comfortable with the pricing structure of the Google Ads agency you are considering working with. 
  4. Setting KPI’s: Without question, you and the agency you work with should agree in advance on the key performance indicators in your account. For example, if you want a lead form to be submitted on your website, then you need to discuss target costs for each lead and the number you hope to get each month. This is how you can measure the success of your marketing firm over time. As long as your account is moving in the right direction and getting the results you want, you are working with a great marketing agency. 
Target from https://unsplash.com/photos/1JX4J_kq7sU

Below is a list of the best marketing agencies by industry category. 

12 Best Google Ads Agencies By Industry

1) Google Ads For Service-Based Businesses

While services comprise the majority of business, marketing for services businesses is very similar across the board. Johnson Jones Group is an excellent choice when it comes to increasing your website leads, phone calls, brochure downloads, etc. These guys have experience working with service businesses in many industries including therapists, wedding venues, contractors, and many others. Head on over and see what they have for you.  

Johnson Jones Group
12 Best Google Ads Agency For 2022 Businesses 1
12 Best Google Ads Agency For 2022 Businesses 2

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2) Google Ads For Ecommerce

Are you selling products online? OMG Commerce is a marketing agency with lots of experience working with online product sales. They have been featured by companies like Shopify, Search Engine Journal, & Inc.500. OMG Commerce specializes in Google Ads and Amazon Ads that promote product sales. 

OMG Commerce

3) Google Ads & Google Ad Grants For Nonprofits

Clickmill specializes in helping nonprofit organizations run local ads that get more people into your physical location. They also specialize in acquiring and setting up the free $10,000 per month Google Ad Grants for nonprofits. If you are wanting to know more about advertising your church or nonprofit, check out Clickmill.co


4) Google Ads For Small Business

If you would consider yourself a small business with limited capital to use on advertising, then you may want to check out Third Marble Marketing. This Google Ad agency focuses on lost-cost advertising plans and flexible services. They don’t use contracts so you aren’t locked into anything long term and they allow you to turn on and off your advertising as needed. 

Third Marble

5) Google Ads For Restaurants

Foodie. agency is the go-to digital marketing company if you want to promote your restaurant business. Not only do they offer Google Ads services, but they also have a host of other services to meet your needs. 

Foodie agency

6) Google Ads For Healthcare Related Companies

If you’re looking for an advertising agency that specializes in driving traffic to healthcare industry businesses, then look no further than Cardinal Digital Marketing. Cardinal has tons of experience working with dentists, dermatologists, doctor’s offices, and other medical-related companies. Cardinal will create a plan that works best for you & they bring a data-driven marketing approach to your healthcare business. 

Cardinal digital marketing

7) Google Ads For Digital Products & Courses

If you run a business that focuses on creating and selling courses or other digital products, then Delightful Ads might just be the company for you. They have several different services (including Google Ads Management) to help you increase your online sales and the success of your digital product launches.

Delightful Ads

8) Google Ads For Trucking & Logistics

Link Now specializes in driving potential customers to trucking and logistics company websites. They create custom keyword research strategies for your business to be sure you are reaching audiences that are looking for your type of logistics business. 

Link Now

9) Google Ads For Music Industry

WebCitz works with musicians, opera houses, music groups, music stores, and many other businesses that fall into this industry. With competitive pricing models, WebCitz is a great place to start looking for music industry advertising. 


10) Google Ads For Industrial Companies

Orsanna focuses on working with B2B manufacturers and industrial service companies. The team over at Orsanna has received numerous awards for its high-quality advertising systems. 


11) Google Ads For Educational Companies

Albion works with education companies to increase traffic, leads, and sales. They have been able to increase some of their client’s leads by over 200%. If you are in the education industry, these guys know how to run ads. 


12) Google Ads For Real Estate Companies

LYFE Marketing gets great results for businesses that work in the real estate sector and have several great pricing plans to choose from. Whether you’re a large or small firm, LYFE is worth looking into. 


That about sums it up for this article on the best Google Ads agencies you should consider for your business. 

What other questions do you have about Google Advertising? 

Let us know in the comments.

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