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Are you getting outranked by your competition? Johnson Jones Group can help your contractor business show up on Google.

Complete SEO Solutions for Contractors

SEO Audit

We'll research your business and assess where you're at. Then we'll create a plan for improving your SEO and creating new content to help you rank for more keywords.

Research and Analysis

Great SEO needs great research. We use tools like Google Search Console and SEMRush to find out where you're ranking and what keywords you can use to your advantage.

12-Month Content Plan

We'll work with you to create a keyword-targeted content plan for your business. We offer content writing services as well to help you jumpstart your SEO.

Local SEO

Are you optimizing your Google My Business? For most searches, the first thing users see is a map of local businesses. We'll help maintain your local SEO so you can stand out in the search results.

Website SEO Optimization

Contractors who build their websites with us get technical SEO optimization— including Managed metadata, Site-Performance Audits, Structured Data, and URL Optimization.

Monthly Reporting

Want to know which of our pages is getting the most traffic? Or which blog post got you the most leads? Our monthly reports will highlight where your doing great and what needs improving.

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Get More Traffic and Ultimately More Sales with SEO by Johnson Jones Group

Johnson Jones Group specializes in creating all-in-one digital marketing systems for contractors looking to increase traffic and sales. 

We focus on high-impact SEO techniques alongside search advertising, web design, and sales automation in order to build you a custom marketing system designed to actually work for you business. 

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Commonly Asked Questions

Knowledge is power. Learn more about SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a catch all term for a variety of services and techniques that can help your website rank better on search engines.

It can take the form of increasing the amount of backlinks your website has, formatting your webpages so that its easier to crawl, optimizing website performance, and publishing new keyword-focused content.

Johnson Jones Group can help you put together comprehensive SEO strategies that cover everything from keyword research and content writing to metadata management and monthly reporting.

SEO-Friendly Content is a moving target. The rules are always changing and the way people interact with your content can be hard to predict. That being said here are a few tips for helping you create content that

  1. Write content that people want to read.

    It can be tempting to narrow-focus on optimizing all your keywords and technical SEO, but at the end of the day, if people don’t find your content relevant AND useful your traffic won’t grow.
  2. Pick your keywords carefully

    Don’t just target the keywords with the most searches. Focus on answering the questions that your users are asking in meaningful and relevant ways.
  3. Don’t overuse your keywords

    While you may want to use your keywords throughout your content, you should aim for a keyword density of 1-2%. That means that for every hundred words you write, your keyword should appear no more than twice.
  4. Pay attention to your layouts

    Not all SEO tricks are about keywords and writing. Sometimes what matters most is creating a great experience for your user. You can use things like media, whitespace, and headlines to break up content. That will make your users more likely to stay on your page longer, which search engines track and use when deciding rankings.

According to the data, yes you absolutely do. 75% of searchers never click to the second page. Not only that, but according to Internet Live Stats, Google gets 6.5 billion searches every day. That means, if you’re not ranking well on search engines, you’re only getting a sliver of the traffic you could be getting.

The truth is that if you want your business to be successful, you need to start optimizing your website for SEO.

You can absolutely do SEO on your won, but the truth is that you need a team on your side in order to tackle it. An agency will research your industry, find you keywords, help you produce content, publish blogs, and more. Agencies like Johnson Jones Group can even manage your websites— helping to make sure you are at a technical level doing everything you can to maximize your search rankings.

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Johnson Jones Group is a full-service digital marketing agency. Founded in 2016 in Minneapolis by a team of designers, developers, content experts, and digital marketing nerds who strive to build digital marketing systems that actually work. 

Whether it’s search engine advertising, SEO optimization, content writing, or web design and development, JJG is here to deliver high-quality experiences that turn your visitors into clients.

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