Top PPC Agency in Philadelphia: Hire The Professionals

As more businesses are making the shift to being all digital, they are more than likely looking for a marketing agency with a pay per click (PPC) strategy. This is why when you are researching marketing agencies to hire, you want to land on a top PPC agency in Philadelphia.

We recommend running ads if your business’s website is not seeing the traffic or amount of clicks that you desire. We highly encourage clients to look into SEO while running ads, so that Google can start to understand your business’s online presence more, which will lead to higher rankings, traffic, etc.

But, before you hire anyone, let’s learn real quick why PPC is and why it might be the best option for your business to go with.

What is PPC?

Pay-per-click advertising is a great method where you can gain exposure for your business by paying advertisers to run ads for you. This agency will set up your advertising account whether that is on a search engine like Google or on social media. 

Once the setup is complete it is on the agency to provide you with the desired amount of clicks on your ad. This can come at all different costs depending on the top PPC agency in Philadelphia.

Top PPC Agency in Philadelphia

This should be a fixed price that you agree on that when your banner ad is clicked on will be paid out. 

Just know that most agencies are shifting to this PPC method as it has the ability to spread the word about your business as fast as possible. If your ads aren’t performing well, you don’t have to pay your agency and that is why PPC is becoming the most popular form of online advertising.

It allows the customer(you) to get your moneys worth and puts an incentive on the agency to perform for you!

Top PPC Agency in Philadelphia: Hire The Professionals 1
Top PPC Agency in Philadelphia: Hire The Professionals 2

Proven strategies to increase your leads in 2022

Why Hire A Top PPC Agency In Philadelphia?

The main goal that you want to achieve is hiring the right people. So why not turn to the city of brotherly love to do so.

You’re going to be looking for a top PPC agency in Philadelphia with an excellent history with PPC advertising campaigns. These professionals are experts and understand just about anything that would raise an eyebrow for you in Google Ads.

Top PPC Agency in Philadelphia

The main reason to hire an agency for your advertising needs is that your chances for success will increase tremendously against competition. There will always be transparency if Ad campaigns are positive or negative. If they are negative, the agency will come up with a new campaign in a timely manner.

Another concern is wasting money on advertising with no results. Any Philadelphia agency will guide you in financially altering budgets for maximizing the success per ad you want to run. Your budget has the respect of the agency and we will let you know if increases or decreases in spending will help your campaign.

Now let’s get into you possible candidates to take over traffic!

Top PPC Agencies In Philadelphia (no order, all are great options)

1. Pareto PPC

Pareto PPC for Top PPC Agency in Philadelphia

Website: https://paretoppc.com/

Website Bio: Pareto PPC is a digital advertising agency specializing in marketing strategy, paid media optimization, and analytics, and we offer world-class digital marketing solutions to businesses that are tired of the high price tags, missed deadlines, cookie-cutter tactics, and smoke-and-mirrors reporting that come with most digital marketing agencies. We are not your average PPC marketing agency.

Expertise: E-commerce

Cost: $$$$ 

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Rating: 5 Stars (17 Reviews)

2. Momentum Digital

Momentum for

Website: https://www.needmomentum.com/

Expertise: PPC

Cost: $$$$ ($1,500/mo+ 5%-10% adspend)

Bio: What makes them unique is the amount of time and attention we put into each PPC account. They go above and beyond to make sure we are doing the best job they can to provide you the results you are looking for, and that you can easily understand what is going on inside of your account.

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Rating: 5 Stars (95 Reviews)

3. SEO Locale

SEO Locale

Website: https://seolocale.com/services-pay-per-click-management-ppc/

Website Bio: SEO Locale’s custom Pay Per Click campaign strategies are developed to hit your needs and expectations. Our agencies Pay Per Click specialists are all Google Ads certified and understand the ins and outs of paid search to provide the best service.

Expertise: SEO & PPC Advertising

Cost: $$$-$$$$

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Rating: 4.9 Stars (36 Reviews)

4. Dynamic Wave Consulting

Dynamic Wave

Website: https://dynamicwaveconsulting.com/

Website Bio: Our team of media professionals, accredited scholars, award-winning designers, advertising experts, and artists brings over 30 years of combined industry experience to deliver unmatchable, dynamic results for our clients. 

Expertise: PPC Advertising, SEO, & Web Development

Cost: $$$ – $$$$

Location: Philadelphia

Rating: 5 Stars (153 Reviews)

5. Brolik


Website: https://brolik.com/services/digital-marketing

Bio: Brolik offers pay-per-click (PPC) advertising that has the potential to jump start a campaign, while display advertising and social promotions can build awareness for your product or brand over time. Their paid advertising is beneficial to have in the mix to propel your marketing strategy and add diversity to an otherwise organic approach.

Expertise: Digital, Video Production, & Web Design

Cost: $$$$

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Rating: 4.9 Stars (37 Reviews)

6. Johnson Jones Group

Johnson Jones Group for Top PPC Agency in Philadelphia

Website: https://johnsonjonesgroup.com/

Website Bio: At Johnson Jones Group, we take care of our clients with our expert ad management team. This team of professionals will handle your PPC advertising campaigns and tailor your budget to your traffic desires.

Expertise: PPC Advertising, SEO, Lead Generation, & Web Design

Cost: $$$ – $$$$

Location: Philadelphia, PA & Minnesota

Rating: 5 Stars (17 Reviews)

Top PPC Agency in Philadelphia: Hire The Professionals 3
Top PPC Agency in Philadelphia: Hire The Professionals 2

Proven strategies to increase your leads in 2022

Wrapping Up

So, did you find a top PPC agency in Philadelphia that you might be interested in? If so, that’s fantastic and we hope you see those leads become sales soon!

And just a reminder that pay-per-click is just to receive greater traffic on your website from any search engine. 

So you only pay when you get clicks on your Ads. If you don’t see the results you expected, contact your agency to find out where the delay is coming from. 

At the end of the day a happy customer translates to a happy agency and you get rewarded with clicks while we get rewarded with knowing we’re helping our clients.

Hopefully, you found the top PPC agency in Philadelphia that you are looking for and if it’s not us, we wish you the best!

If you have any other questions or would like more information, please reach out or schedule a call.

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