Google Ads Management That Puts More Leads in Your Pipeline

(And More Dollars in Your Pockets)

Why Our Google Ads Work

Grow Your Audience

We dive deep into your market and find what terms your users are searching. Combining these keywords with the ones you already rank for, we grow your brand identity by increasing your impressions by 

Maximize Your Click-Through-Rates

Using Single-Keyword Ad Groups (SKAG’s), we deliver custom experiences depending on what users are searching for. That means more people clicking your ads and more people buying your service. 

Boost your Conversions Rates

Our landing pages are built unique to each client with conversion-focused UX, so that you don’t waste money sending traffic to pages that don’t convert.

Supercharge your ROI

With the help of Deep Data AI powered by Opteo our dedicated Ads Specialists work to optimize your ad spend to bring you more sales for less money.

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What You Get with Google Ads Management

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We're Better Than Experts, We're Google Partners


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You Deserve a Digital Marketing Team That's In Your Corner

We’re a specialized team of Digital Marketing experts that build Google-friendly marketing systems with the goal of getting you more high-quality leads that pay for themselves. Are you ready to save time and grow your business?

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HOlden Blanco
Account Executive/ Google Ads Specialist
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Jared Oruch
SEO Specialist
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Dillon Jones
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Jake Johnson
Web Design & Development
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T.J. Johnson
Business & Development Strategies

Frequently Asked Questions

Knowledge is power. Learn more how we can grow your business with Google Ads.

We have commitments for month-to-month, 6 months, or a 1 year. The longer the commitment, the cheaper the setup (sometimes even a free website).
We have a monthly fee structure that is tiered based on total adspend. This typically starts at $400/mo. We also offer pay-for-performance pricing.
You get full access to all of your accounts! Feel free to pop in whenever you like. 
Our goal is to bring leads and make the phones ring. If your business provides a service and you market directly to your consumer, we are the right fit for you. 
You will get your own dedicated account rep available to answer any questions you have and make any updates you need.

If you set up a meeting we can go into detail but the basic process is:

Step 1: Keyword research and planning

Step 2: Account building

Step 3: Call-To-Action Design & Build

Step 4: Write A/B test ads in each ad group

Step 5: Build Landing Pages

Step 6: Integrate Lead Intake into your CRM or other software

Our accounts tend to maximize efficiency between 1-3 months after starting

All paid Google Ads traffic is directed to cutsom deisgned unique landing pages, specifcally taylored to any given search by a potential customer. For example – someone searching for “deck builders near me” will be brough to a page only about decks.

Google prices each “search term” differently. You pay per click, and each click is priced differenlty depending on the competion for it. Our clicks tend to range between $0.50 and $6.00

Google Ads is the tool we use most effecrtively for short term lead-generation. The goal is to slowly transition to organic leads as your SEO and web-traffic improve.

The first step is to set up a meeting at johnsonjonesgroup.com/assessment to go over packages and answer questions. Or if you want to talk now, just call (612) 254-9452

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