5 Ways To Market With A Creative Content Agency

creative content agency

A creative content agency can help your business in a number of ways.

They can help you create content that is both informative and engaging, and they can also help you promote that content through various channels.

Obviously, we are biased here but we truly do believe that hiring a creative content agency is worth it for nearly every type of business.

We understand if you don’t just take our word for that though, so I’m going to make the case for hiring a creative content agency here and I’m going to be comprehensive about it.

Strap yourself in.

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What Is A Creative Content Agency?

A creative content agency is a company that helps businesses create and manage their online presence through content creation.

This can include anything from website design and development to social media management and email marketing.

A good creative content agency will have a team of experienced professionals who are experts in their respective fields and can help you create a comprehensive content strategy that aligns with your business goals.

They will also have a solid understanding of SEO and how to use keywords effectively to get your website seen by potential customers (not just random people). 

creative content agency

Best Not To Do It Yourself

Most successful businesses understand the importance of content marketing and that is very often a large part of what makes them successful.

However, creating high-quality content can be time-consuming and difficult

If you’re not a professional writer, trying to do it yourself can also be very expensive in terms of opportunity costs. 

This is particularly the case if you don’t know how to do it yourself.

That’s because there is actually a specific way to write things so that they are picked up and seen on the internet.

And that’s why, if you have tried to do it yourself, you may have experienced your website never getting any views, reads, or clicks (and, therefore, never bringing in any new customers).

Imagine how much time you would have to spend not only writing but also learning how to write in the very specific way required by internet search algorithms and website interfaces.

Now imagine how much money you will be able to make in that same amount of time by simply running your business and letting someone else handle your marketing for you.

Or imagine spending those hours with your family and friends or doing something else that you actually enjoy instead of spending months or years learning how to market.

You don’t have time for that, you’ve got a business to run.

And just think how much your business will grow if you put your own time into running it rather than into marketing because you have professionals handling that for you.

Don’t Torture Yourself

To put it bluntly, if you’re reading this, you are probably not a professional writer and so you probably will not enjoy doing what we do.

That’s why you hire a creative content agency (like us) – because we do enjoy it and it is our business so we are almost certainly better at it than you are going to be.

We do it literally all day every day.

You’re better at your business and we are better at ours.

When we need what your business provides, we hire you and pay your fee or we buy your product.

When you need content, you hire us and pay our fee.

That way, we all improve each other’s lives and we all get to spend more time doing what we’re actually good at.

Everybody wins.

Division of labor: the first progress marker in the development of civilization.

caveman labor

A Creative Content Marketing Agency Can Be A Great Asset

In business and accounting terminology, an “asset” is either cash itself or something your company owns which either produces cash or can be liquidated (sold and turned into cash).

This is how we think of hiring a creative content agency because, if that agency is any good, they will bring in more money for you in the long term than what you spend on their services.

The whole point of hiring them is, after all, to have them make you more money than what they charge you for their services.

You’ll still record their service fees as an expense when you do your accounting, but the money you spend on them is ultimately money that is meant to return back to you with interest.

Best of all, this happens without much if any input, time, or effort required from you.

Just cross their palms with silver and let them do what they do the same way that you do what you do whenever someone pays you to deliver a service or product.

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Professionals Are Professionals

We know we already said this but it bears repeating: we’re professionals.

We are probably better at this than you will ever be (because we do it all day) and we probably enjoy doing it a lot more than you ever will (which is why we do it all day).

And We’re Organized

A creative content marketing agency will typically have a team of experienced writers led by a chief editor who is also usually the most experienced writer at the agency. 

In these teams, they can not only produce high-quality content quickly and efficiently but they can also edit, optimize, and upload it in just the way that the search engines like. 

In addition, they can help you come up with ideas for new content and ensure that your content is keyword-optimized to help you rank higher in search engines.

On top of all that, it is fairly common for content agencies to also create and manage websites for clients.

If that is the case with the creative content agency you hire, they can also handle your website(s) for you and make sure that all content they create fits and functions properly within your website(s).

They Don’t All Do It But Many Of Them Do

We, for example, are one of the agencies who do.

You don’t have to hire us, I’m just letting you know in case you’re interested.

Lookin’ out for ya.

looking out for ya

We All Like To Work With People We Trust

Content creation is a great way to position yourself as an industry expert and a voice of trustworthy authority within your industry. 

Content also allows you to connect with your audience and build relationships with them

A creative content agency can create content that is relevant and useful to your audience and, in doing so, help promote your brand.


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On To The List

Anyway, enough introduction.

I think you get the idea, so I won’t waste your time with any fluff.

If you’re looking for ways to market your business with a creative content agency, here is a list of helpful tips so that you can get the most out of it.

1. Make Sure You’re Clear On What Your Goals And Objectives Are 

What specifically do you want to achieve with your marketing campaign? 

Once you know that, you can start to look for a creative content agency that can help you achieve those goals (or your agency can help you figure your goals out in a consultation).

  • What are you hoping to achieve with this project? 
  • What are your deadlines? 
  • What resources do you need to complete the project?

Answering these questions will help you develop a clear plan for your project and make it easier to delegate tasks and stay on track. 

Once you know what you want to accomplish, a good creative content agency can help you break down the steps needed to reach your goal. 

Realistic Progress Beats Idealistic Inaction

It’s also important to keep your goals realistic. 

If your objectives are too ambitious, you’re likely to get frustrated and give up. 

Even if you’re progressing in the right direction and succeeding more than when you started, you might feel disappointed if you expected to be the next social media star or e-celebrity.

Start small and build on your successes. 

Those successes will grow and accumulate.

The longer you keep working with your creative content agency and the more content they produce for you, the larger your online presence will grow and the more established your brand will become.

That means more potential customers for your business.

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2. Know Your Audience: Who Are You Trying To Reach?

When creating any kind of content, it’s important to know who your audience is. 

And, by “audience,” we of course mean your potential customers.

That way, you can tailor the content to their needs and interests. 

Otherwise, you run the risk of creating either something that no one will want to read or something that will be read only by people who will not become your customers.

So, who are you trying to reach with your content? 

What are their needs and interests? 

A good creative content agency can help you identify and appropriately narrow your niche to maximize your chances of success.

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3. Find An Agency That Specializes In The Type Of Content You Need

There are a lot of content agencies out there and there’s little point in working with a creative content agency that doesn’t understand your industry or target audience.

Your business is unique, and finding a creative content agency that can capture your brand’s voice is essential to success. 

While content marketing agencies can be a great asset for businesses, it’s helpful to choose one that is reputable and has experience producing content for your industry. 

Otherwise, you could end up wasting time and money on low-quality content that doesn’t help you achieve your business goals.

The More Specific, The Better

Every good creative content agency is going to have certain niches and content types that they specialize in or are willing to specialize in for you.

This is because content for the wedding or mental health industry is going to look very different from articles for the military contracting or agricultural machinery industry.

And, naturally, there will be a different kind of process involved in creating said content.

In truth, a writer with skill and experience can produce content on virtually any subject but the prices they charge and the time it takes them may vary wildly depending upon the subject matter.

Likewise, a web developer with sufficient skill can build a website for virtually any industry but, like writers, they tend to specialize in certain niches.

A website for a spa or hotel is, after all, going to look very different from and have different functionality than that of a fashion retailer or sports bar.

Creators of all kinds tend to do their best work most consistently when they focus in on a few niches rather than when they switch rapidly between many radically different niches.

You probably want your dentist to specialize in dealing with teeth and not with kidneys and you probably want your kidney surgeon to not also moonlight as a dentist. 


Because no single human being has enough time to realistically become competent in both dentistry and kidney surgery. 

Or at least they won’t be as good at either as someone who dedicates themselves to just one or the other.

In the same way, you want your creative content agency to specialize too.

ransom note specific number

Work With A Creative Content Agency You Can Trust

As I said, it can sometimes take up to 3-6 months for a marketing campaign to really catch on and start generating serious leads.

For that time, you’re essentially trusting that your creative content agency knows what they’re doing and that they will in fact deliver.


Trust is vital.

In our case for instance, we create content for a few specific niches/industries.

Before we take on a client from a new niche/industry, we always make sure we know that we can consistently create content for that niche before we take the client.

If we find that we can’t, then we recommend they find another creative content agency that can give them the niche focus that they need in their marketing campaign.

Any creative content agency that is actually worth working with will do this.

Let Their Results Speak For Themselves

Look at the quality of their past work that they have done for other clients.

Is their content well-written and engaging?

Do their articles get shared and generate traffic?

If you can, ask one or two of their current clients to tell you why they decided to hire that particular creative content agency and why they’re still sticking with them.

Or, if their clients are confidential, you can ask the creative content agency for their result numbers and/or maybe even have them produce some content for you on a trial basis.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

Ask them what additional services they offer that could benefit you (such as website development, article writing, or SEO optimization).

Also ask them to explain to you how those services can help your business.

If you just love to write but don’t want to bother with the technical stuff, some content agencies can even edit content that you have written so that it’s SEO optimized.

Choosing the right creative content agency can make a big difference in the success of your online presence.

So make sure to do your research and ask plenty of open-ended questions when you communicate with them so that you can find a creative content agency that’s a good fit for your needs.

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4. Give The Creative Content Agency Plenty Of Time To Create The Content You Need

Every successful website owner knows that content is key to a successful website. 

Without quality content, your site will not rank well in search engine results pages (SERPs), and potential customers will not be able to find the information they need about your products or services.

That’s because those potential customers will never even see your website or, if they happen to see it, they won’t find what they’re looking for on it.

Creating Quality Content Takes Time

It is important to give your creative content agency plenty of time to research your industry, understand your target audience, and create the kind of engaging, informative content that will help you achieve your business goals.

Trying to rush the content creation process is a recipe for disaster. 

Give your creative content agency the time it needs to produce high-quality content, and you’ll be rewarded with better SERP rankings, more web traffic, and improved sales conversions.

And remember that it also takes time for a marketing campaign to catch on.

It could be as long as 3-6 months before your content really starts catching on and you really start seeing a lot of visitors to your website.

Once it starts catching on though, all you have to do is stick with your creative content agency.

They’ll keep producing quality content regularly and your online presence will keep growing consistently as a result.

Crucially, if you’re working with a good creative content agency, that content is going to be highly targeted so that those new visitors to your website are not just random people but actually your potential customers.

no pressure

5. Be Prepared To Review Content Before It’s Published

Most good content agencies will let you review content before they publish it if you let them know that’s something you want to do. 

It can really help in making you feel more comfortable with the whole process and, if your creative content agency is good, you will often find that, after a while, you trust them enough to just let them do what they do. 

If you run a business that is particularly information-sensitive (such as a medical practice or contracting company), I would recommend reviewing all content before it gets published.

This is because your professional writer is a professional writer and likely not also an electrical engineer or whatever it is that you are. 

While they can research whatever subject the article is about and produce great content about it, they may not know certain specific numbers or technical industry terms as well as you do.

So mistakes are sometimes made in the rough draft.

However, nearly all mistakes are corrected very easily and very quickly upon review and those corrections typically only involve changing a particular word or number to be more accurate.

So don’t feel like you have to do any of the actual writing yourself.

You’re running a business, you’ve got other things to deal with besides marketing and content creation.

It’s just good for you as the industry professional to give a piece of content a quick once-over to make sure all the information within it is correct before it gets published.

When reviewing a piece of content, it can be helpful to keep the following in mind:

  • Is the writing style engaging?
  • Is the overall message clear?
  • Is it free of obvious typos and grammatical errors?
  • Is all of the information accurate?

If the answer to all of these questions is “yes,” then you’re probably dealing with a competent writer and a good creative content agency.

All of that said, if you’re not in the medical field and your content is not going to be heavy on specific technical terms or numbers, I would personally recommend not worrying too much about it.

If you’re working with a good creative content agency, you’ll be able to tell pretty quickly whether or not they know what they’re doing and then you can just relax and let them do what they do.

Be prepared to review content but understand that, unless you’re a medical professional or engineer, you probably won’t have to.

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Bonus Tip: Pay For Quality

This is not me telling you to pay us.

This is me telling you to pay someone.

Whether you hire us or another creative content agency, remember that you’re going to tend to get what you pay for.

There’s a lot of work and technical stuff that goes on behind the scenes of content development and that all requires time, energy, and expertise from us as professionals.

The more time and energy we have to spend creating a piece of content and/or learning how to optimize that content, the more we’re going to want to charge for our services.

You could theoretically hire some random copywriter from Fiverr who does not understand any of the technical stuff or speak English as a native language and pay them $50-100 per article.

That is something you could do and that is something that definitely happens a lot.

However, you may notice that the people who do that don’t tend to experience success in their marketing endeavors and that their content tends to not appear in your search results.

That’s because they are essentially doing the content equivalent of getting cheap LASIK from an unlicensed “surgeon” at some “clinic” in a country where adult literacy rates are below 50%.

There is a chance that you won’t go blind.

There is technically a chance that the operation could go completely smoothly and that you could experience no complications whatsoever.


If you could afford the good LASIK, why wouldn’t you just do that instead?

cheap lasik

Who Am I To Tell You All of This?

“This all sounds like it makes sense,” you say, “but who are you and why should I believe that you know what you’re talking about?”

Well, I’m Victor and I’m the chief content writer and editor for Johnson Jones Group.

If you decide to consult with our sales team and ask to see an example of a piece of content that we’ve produced recently, it’s most likely going to be one that I wrote and/or edited.

Or you may have already seen something online that I wrote and/or edited without realizing it.

What goes on the client’s website goes on in their name and not mine in the same way that many of the books that your favorite authors are known for were actually written by ghostwriters.

If you search for certain key terms right now, your top results are going to be articles that I’ve written and/or edited.

But they’ll be in the client’s name and not mine. 

If you become one of our clients, anything I write for you will likewise be in your name unless you specifically tell me to publish it in my own name.

And that’s perfectly ok.

It’s not like each of our web developers are specifically named on every client website either.

All that matters is that our clients are happy with what we do and that it brings them more business because that means they’re more likely to make more money. 

And, if they make more money, they’re more likely to keep paying us and recommending our services to others.

After all, how do you think you found this article?

Random chance?

Do you think I just smashed my fists against my keyboard a bunch of times to create this article and then sacrificed a chicken in some sort of ritual to bring good luck when I uploaded it?


None of that.

That probably would have been fun, but no.

You found it and read nearly 4000 words of it because we’re the good LASIK.

So, like I’ve been saying with everything else in this article, don’t just take my or any other content professional’s word for it.

Don’t just look at the degree from “Hollywood Upstairs Medical College” hanging on the wall and trust that it’s real.

Don’t even look at a real degree hanging on the wall and just assume that youre surgeon has not begun to develop Parkinson’s like Muhammad Ali since graduating from medical school.

Look at this article.

Look at what we do.

Contact us, ask us open-ended questions, check out our work, try us out if you can, and let our results speak for themselves.

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