Wedding Venue Digital Marketing

We Craft Marketing Systems That Get Wedding Venues More Leads

We partner with wedding venues looking to get more leads with web design, ads management, and SEO to build complete marketing systems that grow their business. 

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What we Do


Get More Traffic and Ultimately More Sales with a Managed Marketing System

Our managed wedding venue marketing systems allow wedding venues to focus on delivering high-quality experiences by streamlining their digital marketing systems.

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Some of our happy clients.

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Our Approach

We believe your marketing works better when it all works together. 

Our design team is committed to delivering beautiful mobile-first websites that effectively turn clicks into leads.​

Our Detailed SEO & Content Strategies, we will make sure your website is found on every search engine​

With our comprehensive Advertising Packages, your site will be filled with new and interested users.​

Your time is valuable, so we put software in place to streamline your sales so you can focus on your customers.​

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About Johnson Jones Group

We’re a small team of designers, developers, content experts, and digital marketing nerds who strive to build digital marketing systems that actually work. With UX-focused web design, up-to-date SEO techniques, and comprehensive Advertising strategies, we make sure your business can not only compete online but blow away your competition.

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