Case Study:

MindWell Psychology NYC

How we got Mindwell NYC 243 leads in 90 days

MindWell NYC 1
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The Problem:

Dr. Rebecca  Skolnick and the Mindwell Team approached Johnson Jones Group for help with her entire digital marketing system. 

She wanted to grow sales for the next year by implementing a sales funnel without having to spend any additional time on marketing. 

The main goal was to increase website traffic, conversion rates, and ultimately revenue.

The Solutions:

Lowering The Barrier to Entry

After an initial build out of a new, conversion-focused website, Johnson Jones Group focused on “lowering the barrier to entry” by launching a first time customer discount campaign. 

Free 15-min Consultation

We decided on offering new website visitors a free 15-min consultation. This instantly began to bring in new customers.

12-month Seo Strategy

Johnson Jones Group developed an aggressive 12-month SEO strategy to create and promote consistent blog output. 

Google Ads Campaign

In the meantime- Johnson Jones Group supplemented this time with a moderate-to-light Google Ads campaign for instant traffic.


Additionally, JJG developed new CTAs (Call To Actions), PPC campaigns, and sales automations to drive new customers to the site and promote discounts.

HIPPA certified automation system

Integrating a marketing HIPPA certified automation system helped keep track of new leads and sales while tailoring campaign messaging and touch points based on the clients interaction with the Mindwell brand.

The Results

*These ROI metrics not only includes advertising spend- but ALSO Johnson Jones Group’s marketing costs as well

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