Case Study:

Milestone Events Group

How we Built Milestone Events Group’s New Digital Marketing System

Milestone Events Group 1
Milestone Events Group 2

The Problem:

Marshall from Milestone Events Group approached Johnson Jones Group looking to generate more qualified inquiries and

They also wanted to maximize their sales efficiency by utilizing a marketing and sales automation platform.

Overall, our goal was to create an integrated marketing and sales system that funnels leads from their website into a CRM with different sales automations based on inquiry type. 

The Solutions:

New Website Build

Johnson Jones Group worked with Milestone Events Group to create a new website that makes it easy for users to explore their network of different venues while also learning about benefits of choosing a venue with Milestone.

Sales Automations - Emails & texts

We created an intricate system of email and text automations using ActiveCampaign. The automations target leads throughout the buyers journey and deliver different reminders, tools, and content based on more than a dozen different metrics. 

Scheduled Calls & Brochure Downloads

Johnson Jones Group worked to produce multiple conversion channels. First, we integrated Appointlet into the new website allowing users to book venue tours online. We also worked to create venue brochure downloads that funnel these less qualified leads into the CRM.

Sales Message Integration

Integrating SalesMSG with ActiveCampaign  automations allows us to automatically connect with new leads in a way that feels personal because the automations trigger based on the user journeys.

The Results

Milestone Events Group 3

“We have found that the systems employed with JJG have enabled us to successfully manage 4000+ annual inquires with slightly over 1 dedicated headcount.

Additionally, we can now react much more quickly to market changes and find the process of measuring our results, experimenting with alternate solutions, and incrementally adding to our progress on a continual basis is now both possible and reasonably achievable.”