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Your Team of Contractor Marketing Experts

You need more than a a strategy, you need a team of marketing experts. Let the pros at Johnson Jones Group take your marketing to the next level so that you can focus on your business.

Our Proven Contractor Marketing Formula

Drive More Traffic to Your Contracting Website

Need to expand your reach? Johnson Jones Group has a full staff of specialists to help you increase your visibility, rankings, and site traffic. Whether you need Google Ads, Social Media Ads, SEO, Content Marketing, or a Commercial for Video Streaming- we have the expertise to shift your strategy from chasing clients, to having clients coming to you. 

Turn Your Site Visitors Into Leads

Struggling to turn website traffic into sales? Let our team help. By focusing on UX design, modern design techniques, and conversion rate optimization- Johnson Jones Group can build a website for your accounting firm that looks stunning AND consistently drives additional revenue.

Streamline Your Sales and Grow Your Revenue

Whether you’re keeping your clients up to date or automating your sales pipeline, email campaigns and CRM automations help you stay on top of your client management.  So you save time while also preventing any prospects from falling through the cracks.



Custom wordpress websites starting at $2,999

Generate More Leads with a Website That Converts

Is your website struggling to generate leads? Our team of web designers, developers, and seo specialist will work together to create an accounting website that converts your traffic into sales.

Content Marketing


Content Writing starting at $299/mo

Boost your Traffic with Content Marketing

Think long term by growing organic traffic to your contractor website. And in-turn generating organic clients to your business. Our strategy focuses on a blue collar 1-keyword-1-page philosophy. Because SEO is purely “more effort = better rankings”. It’s not about using confusing terms and tactics to “trick” an algorithm. 

SEO Services


SEO Starting at $399/mo

Rank Your Site With Search Engine Optimization

Having trouble ranking your website? Let Johnson Jones Group’s SEO experts take control and jumpstart your Google rankings. We cover all industry best practices to make sure you start consistently ranking on the first page of Google.

Google Ads


PPC Management Starting at $399/mo

Capture Your Users Where They're Searching

Full service strategy and management of all your campaigns so you can sit back and let new customers come to you. Our certified contractor marketing specialists use experience and data-driven models to fine tune advertising campaigns catered to increase your brand awareness and drive affordable conversions.

Social Media Ads



Grow Your Brand with Social Media Advertising​

Discover exponential business growth with Johnson Jones Group Digital Marketing’s unrivaled social media advertising solutions. Our expert team crafts tailored strategies that harness the full potential of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. By pinpointing your target audience, we ensure your message reaches the right people at the right time, driving engagement, leads, and conversions.

CRM Automations


Sales & Marketing Automations Starting at $199/mo

Streamline Your Sales with CRM Automation

Managing your business can be stressful and the last thing you want is to leave a contact on read. Free up time to do what you do best with custom automated lead nurturing emails. Never let a lead slip through the cracks again! Start automating your sales by downloading our free marketing guide below!

Reporting & Analytics


Monthly Reporting free with all packages

Take Control of Your Business with Web Analytics

Through cutting-edge web analytics techniques, we decode invaluable insights from user behavior, enabling informed decisions for your growth journey. Our adept team meticulously tracks website interactions, revealing trends, identifying strengths, and uncovering untapped opportunities.


The first step is to sign up for a free marketing assessment. After our meeting, we can send over a proposal for work and create a timeline of work.

Onboarding typically takes 2-4 weeks depending on the scope of work. We have pre-determined time slots for onboarding so start dates usually depend on the current backlog.

A usual commitment is six months. However, we do offer month-to-month for slightly higher setup fees and longer commitments for discounts on our setup fees.

All agreements switch to month-to-month after the determined commitment is up. You may cancel at any time and work with your marketing executive to complete the onboarding process, where you will get your marketing accounts and materials. Canceling before your commitment will have a cancellation fee but you will still get to keep a majority of your marketing assets.

Each package is customized to fit the needs of each individual business. Rates start as low as $399/mo for PPC Management but a typical client will have a full service package ranging from $1,000-$2,000/mo. At the end of a marketing assessment we can give you an exact proposal with our recommendations.

Minimum monthly spend on advertising is $600. However, spend can be adjusted as many times as you’d like throughout the duration of your agreement.

Typically our goal is to generate a 10X return on ad spend. For example, if your average client lifetime value is $5,000- we should be aiming to acquire a new client for your business for $500. Results vary in either direction but in almost every circumstance our services will pay for themselves and then some.

If you don’t already have strong data for your business, a good baseline for a typical marketing funnel campaign should follow a 5-10-30 rule.

5%- click through rate on ads
10%- Conversion rate from ads (consult, phone call, estimate, etc..)
30% Conversion-to-Close ratio.

This will differ from industry to industry but functions as a great blanket performance indicator model.

Our motto is: Connect. Conververt. Close.

This covers Lead Generation, Conversion Optimisation, and Lead Nurturing.

Our goal is to develop a strategy that fully understands your client’s buyers journey and gathers data at each step of the process to understand exactly how well your campaigns are performing from the initial search all the way to purchase.

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"It has been the best business decision that I have ever made. Not only has the Johnson Jones Group structure doubled our business over the four months they've been active, but last month was the biggest month in the history of our 8 year old business."
Scott Wheeler
"I find Johnson Jones Group to be super passionate, progressive, diligent, great communicators who get results! JJG has solutions and are always racing to find new ways to grow our business."
JudY Jost
Operations Manager
"The Johnson Jones Team Group is knowledgeable, innovative, and results driven! Since working with their team, our website traffic has increased dramatically and our phones are ringing off the hook."
Allie B.
Marketing Manager

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It wasn’t long ago that the success of any contracting business, regardless of the specific trade, was built on word of mouth and referrals.

Those remain an integral part of this highly people-oriented business. However, with increased competition and a consumer base shopping for everything online, the game is changing. 

It’s not enough to maintain your business with those old-school referrals and favorable word of mouth. You must actively pursue new clientele. 

To do so successfully requires a lot more exposure and an aggressive plan to expand your digital marketing.

Let’s jump into our ultimate guide to contractor marketing with six approaches you can take to increase your reach, attract new customers, and grow your business.

Contractor Marketing Web Design

The Ultimate Guide to Contractor Marketing [Updated 2023] 16

We’ll discuss plenty of contractor marketing topics below – SEO, social media, Google My Business – but your company website may prove your single most crucial piece of contractor marketing.

It’s your online storefront. Your brand’s digital window to the rest of the world. Or at the very least, the city or region your services cover.

And your web design is critical. 

Nearly every person who might consider you for a job will view your website at some point in their decision-making process.

 Even the ones referred by word of mouth will check out your online presence before employing your services.

You need to make that first digital impression count.

The two most critical elements of your website are user experience and functionality. 

Your website is equal parts resource and tool – the central hub around which all of your other marketing efforts will revolve. 

A dynamic website that promotes direct engagement with both current clients and future customers is a foundation for success.

Fully-formed sites should feature all of the following:

Additionally, you want to offer your users an online experience that’s easy to navigate and compels them to learn more about your services and take action by emailing, calling, or contacting you or completing a form via the website.

But, you also need those customers to find your website. You achieve that with search engine optimization (SEO) optimization.


contractor marketing

Every month, there are close to 1.8 million searches for contractor services. When looking at high-demand services such as plumbers or home construction, that number more than doubles.

It’s a fact of our digital lives, when someone needs a service, they start the search for that service online. And most often, they begin their research on Google.

With that in mind, it’s more important than ever to leverage Google’s ranking factors by investing in SEO.

However, ranking at the top of Google’s search engine results page (SERP) requires a well thought out SEO strategy. 

It’s more than just a few well-placed keywords and a mobile-friendly website, though both of those certainly help. A winning SEO strategy includes:

A fully formed SEO strategy results in more than a high ranking on Google’s main SERP page (which consumers rarely look beyond after the initial search). 

SEO allows you to reach a larger audience of individuals searching for the specific services your firm offers. More than raising your profile, the quality of those leads will improve.

I text and I google

You should realize that SEO is constantly evolving. For your company to rank at the top of Google’s SERP takes time, effort, and plenty of tweaks to your SEO strategy.

However, simply having a strategy and regularly focusing your efforts to leverage Google’s algorithm in your favor will put you at an advantage over much of your competition.


Google Ads

A commitment to SEO ensures the long-term health of your company’s online marketing efforts. Sometimes, though, a more direct path is necessary to increase your online presence and grow your revenue.

That’s where pay-per-click (PPC) or Google Ads plays a critical, supplemental role in reaching your customers.

PPC ads are those you often see at the top or bottom or to the right of Google’s organic search results (always marked with a small ad symbol). Offering a more direct path to those who are seeking out your services, PPC provides you the following advantages:

For PPC to prove most effective, you will need to manage your campaigns and nurture your leads. A few more tips to maximize your investment include:

PPC isn’t a cure-all. A solid SEO strategy is critical for your company’s long-term success. However, PPC is excellent at filling in the gaps or quickly driving up engagement numbers in a relatively short amount of time.

The Ultimate Guide to Contractor Marketing [Updated 2023] 17
The Ultimate Guide to Contractor Marketing [Updated 2023] 18

Proven strategies to increase your leads in 2022

Social Media

contractor marketing

Contractor marketing through social media is the ultimate solution to direct consumer engagement. 

Think about it. There’s no barrier between you and a would-be customer. Even better, there’s no barrier between satisfied clients and their network of social connections.

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, or YouTube, broaden your company’s online exposure. By sharing your blog posts, photos, videos, and client testimonials, you can drive traffic to your site.

I'm also on Facebook and the Twitter

These organic platforms open you up to new audiences and new methods for earning their business. (A few old methods, too, such as the extremely powerful Facebook Ads platform.)

To engage on social media means to drop any pretense and position your company more matter-of-factly. That’s not a bad thing, as users are looking for authenticity.

Not necessarily trying to sell your services, but provide a showcase for what you and your team have accomplished and what that means for others with similar needs.

Establish a profile on a few platforms to get started – ones that lend themselves to your business philosophy and the audience with whom you’re trying to connect.

For example, Facebook is an ideal starting point, no matter your specialty or target audience. If yours is a B2C contracting firm, additional accounts with Instagram or Pinterest will have a considerable impact. B2B companies may find a lot of value with LinkedIn. 

Those who understand the power of video, be it walkthroughs, time-elapse, how-tos – will find a willing audience on YouTube, regardless of clientele. This can be one of the most effective contractor marketing efforts you can make.

In a similar manner to SEO, your social media marketing does take time and effort to expand your presence. Also, like SEO, the ability to connect with current and future customers on a more organic level is invaluable. 

Sales Automation


Once your contractor marketing strategies begin hitting their stride, it results in a wealth of new prospects and leads. This can prove both good and bad.

The positive side is that with more successful marketing comes a business – your business – on an upward trajectory. More prospects mean more clients, more jobs, and ultimately higher revenues.

The downside is that all of that hard-earned new business comes with the need to nurture those leads. Whether it’s a single job, series of projects, or a long-term or ongoing commitment, you don’t want to lose your growing customer base because you were unprepared to manage it.

It's not hard

You can, however, automate much of the sales process through a customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

The primary benefits of a CRM include:

As with any form of automation, marketing, sales, or otherwise, it’s a fine line between automating too much or not enough. The best CRM platforms allow you to draw the line at the point that best fits your company’s (and your client’s) needs.

You choose the processes to automate – contact and follow-up, email marketing, lead nurturing, outreach, proposals and contracts, reporting, sales, scheduling – and those that retain a more direct approach to servicing your clients in the best way you see fit.

Google My Business

Google my business

Finally, we close our list with a more recent addition to the online marketing tool kit – local marketing channels.

One of the most critical elements to growing your contractor business is capturing the attention of potential clients at both a local (region or city) and hyper-local (specific suburbs or communities) level.

Your Google My Business listed is designed to do precisely that.

When someone searches for local contractors, the first thing they see on Google’s SERP page after the initial set of paid listings are Google My Business listings. Accompanied by a map, these free listings show up before the top organic search results. That’s prime Google real estate.

What effectively amounts to a mini-website for your company, the Google My Business listing is often the first thing a would-be client sees of your brand – even before they navigate to your website.

To make the most of this free listing, you’ll want to complete your entire profile with the service. In addition to your firm’s basic information, the listing allows you to add photos, post updates or offers, cultivate reviews (and respond to them), and optimize for SEO.

In particular, seek out reviews and testimonials from your satisfied client base. Google My Business (as well as social media platforms) tap in the recent (and increasingly more important) phenomena of social proof.

Potential clients don’t just want to hear you sell them on your accomplishments, they want to discover it from actual clients. The more honest and positive testimonials you can generate, the better.

Perhaps the best part about your Google My Business listing is it doesn’t take long to claim yours and set it up. You could be up and running your contractor marketing in less than a week – and at no cost to you.

Final Thoughts

Contractor marketing is about connecting with your potential clients on their terms, and through the channels they’re most comfortable using. That means engaging online, mainly through your content-rich website and social media.

For a contractor looking to expand beyond the narrow scope of word-of-mouth advertising, the best approach is to adopt a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Hope you enjoyed this piece on contractor marketing, let us know in the comments

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