About Johnson Jones Group

Your team of therapy marketing experts

Johnson Jones Group is a small team of highly skilled individuals committed to bringing digital marketing to small business owners.

Team collaboration with individual specialties

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Dillon Jones

Paid Search Specialist

Therapy Marketing Experts 2

Jake Johnson

Lead Developer

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Holden Blanco

Creative Director

Our proven process.

Step 1: Increase Website Visitors

Solution: Show up above the directories and your competition. The more times you are seen on Google the more visitors we can drive to your website.

Step 2: Turn website visitors into quality leads

Solution: On average, our websites convert 10-12% of visitors into a name, email, and phone number. We’ll learn about your business to design a custom, beautiful, and modern website- designed intentionally to work with your marketing efforts. 

Step 3: Turn Leads Into Meetings

Solution: Use our Opportunity/Urgency automated texting and email process is designed to increase your lead-to-customer rate without lifting a finger. Our custom sites remove friction with a built in automated scheduling tool that syncs directly with your google or outlook calendar. 

Step 4: Close More Sales

Solution: Our custom marketing software and CRM is built directly into your site. Send automated follow ups and keep a file of every client in one place. This saves you time and ensures nobody falls through the cracks. 

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