Case Study:

Complete Building Solutions

How We Increased Complete Building Solutions traffic by 548%

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The Problem:

Rob from Complete Building Solutions approached Johnson Jones Group for help with his entire digital marketing system. 

He wanted to grow her sales by implementing a sales funnel without having to spend any additional time on marketing. 

The main goal was to increase website traffic, phone calls, and ultimately revenue.

The Solutions:

Lowering the Barrier to Entry

After an initial build out of a new, conversion-focused website, Johnson Jones Group focused on “lowering the barrier to entry” by offering a free estimate when customers call.

12-Month Content Strategy

Johnson Jones Group developed a 12-month content strategy to create and promote consistent blog output. Adding a new page every month helped boost organic traffic and keyword rankings.

Call-To-Actions, PPC, and Automations

Additionally, JJG developed new CTAs (Call To Actions), PPC campaigns, and sales automations to drive new customers to the site and promote discounts. 

Callrail Marketing Integrations

Integrating the website with CallRail allowed Johnson Jones Group to better track performance of campaigns by measuring total calls, and call lengths. 


The Results

In 365 days- Complete Building Solutions has generated 1,806 new leads​

Complete Building Solutions 3

Complete Building Solutions experienced a dramatic drop in their cost per lead at $3.45 average cost per sale costing under $50 with a 12X return-on-ad spend

Complete Building Solutions 4

Complete Building Solutions saw an increase in conversion rates on Google Ads by over 15.31%

Complete Building Solutions 5
Complete Building Solutions 6

Traffic to the website* increased 548% from 21,052 visitors to 136,432 visitors

*Comparing Site Traffic in 2020 vs. 2021

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