How to Get More Wedding Leads: The 5 Step Guide

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So, you want to get more wedding leads. We put together this guide on how to get more wedding leads.

No matter how long you have been in the wedding business, there is alway a pressing factor you put on yourself to book clients. A huge part in making a successful business in the wedding industry truly comes down to  a numbers game. 

Questions like how weddings do you have to have on the schedule each year? How many leads do you want to have ready to go? Once You answer all these questions, it leads you to the main question to ask yourself  “how to get more wedding leads?”

Having more leads will be consistently an advantage to your wedding business. Regardless of whether you are trying to get additional wedding customers to book your first wedding or welcoming another client, we need to share the five steps you can use to expand your leads. 

Now we will show you how to get more wedding leads!

Step 1: Advertising Is Key To How To Get More Wedding Leads

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It is shocking how what seems to be the most obvious promoting strategy that’s underutilized for wedding venues is advertising. Some would think that just having a website and social media are enough. 

That being said, advertising has completely changed over the past few years for the better and just having a website is not fully sufficient any more. 

With leading wedding companies controlling the top results on google, it is best for you to get your venue up on their website as many couples will see it first.

you got it dude

But what it all comes down to, is believing in your company and the results will show up with this advertising. By advertising you will undoubtedly start getting your first leads that will only grow from there on.

Step 2: Keep Social Media Up To Date

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Social media marketing is a compelling method to build your business. This is something that you should be doing and actively updating to showcase your beautiful wedding venue. This will be the strongest answer to how to get more wedding leads.

We realize it may very well be a battle to figure out which photos to post, how to have professional videos, and having the right caption. This is a great way to show off your venue to book more clients and is something that needs to happen. 

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One tip to post constantly is by making a schedule of what days you want to post and having post premade with captions ready to go.

You might want to also have some posts mainly about your venue posted as ads on social media. This will show up on your non followers feeds, helping you generate new leads.

The main point here is that you don’t want to look like a company that has gone out of business. Actively posting will help your overall image as an established wedding venue and answer the question of how to get more wedding leads.

Step 3: Encourage Clients To Write Reviews Of Your Wedding Venue

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One of the most overlooked ways of how to get more wedding leads can stem from your past clients’ experiences through reviews. You want to build trust with your new and former clients by having reviews. 

You want potential clients to have another reason to book with you and they can feel validated with their decision through reviews of your services.

You need to trust the process

The trust you build through your wedding venues reviews will launch you into a new realm of leads. You also want to showcase pictures of past weddings to ensure your future clients like what they see.

Your previous clients words mean everything to new customers and are going to be your marketing tool to get the leads you want.

How to Get More Wedding Leads: The 5 Step Guide 1
How to Get More Wedding Leads: The 5 Step Guide 2

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Step 4: Network Your Business

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Here’s the thing about networking, you are the only one that knows the ins and outs of your business, so you should actively be marketing your company to other people. Networking will help you realize this is how to get more wedding leads.

Talking to people at weddings in your venue can lead to more couples getting married there. Not saying you should force them but do things that would make them want to spend their special day at your venue.

how to get more wedding leads by networking

As you build your network of clients, try to get preferred on vendor lists. They can be an extraordinary way to get more leads while reinforcing your associations with other wedding professionals.

Take the time to learn more about networking and how to go about making more connections. Word of mouth is one of the most important ways to get more wedding leads. Hopefully, you are learning how to get more wedding leads through networking.

Step 5: Get Your Business In Wedding Directories

Wedding Directories for getting leads

Have you at any point considered how couples are discovering you on the web? In any case, have you thought about nearby catalogs to gain the leads that you desire? 

Wedding directories are an extraordinary method to put your name out there as well as get a glimpse into SEO. 

We commonly utilize a registry posting administration to add organizations to registries since it’s quick and simple. In case you’re intrigued, look at a portion of these:

Wedding directories have some notable upside sides and downsides you will want to consider for your wedding venue. The biggest thing is they do all of the marketing for you. This means you will fill out a profile and the directory sends you leads every month with little to no extra work on your part. 

Alright, That's easy enough.

Wedding directory sites get lots of traffic, which means you have the ability to show up for people looking for wedding venues in your area. This will help you find those leads that were hard to come by before.

How To Get More Wedding Leads Takeaways

If you’ve made it with me this far, you now have more knowledge on how to get more wedding leads. It really only takes a short period of time to set this up and the results have been amazing for our clients.

If you have questions or would like more help, you can email me and I would be happy to help.

Best of luck in marketing your wedding business and keep on learning new tricks like how to get more wedding leads. Check out more wedding blogs down below:

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