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About Us

Johnson Jones Group specializes in assisting dance studio business owners in boosting their website traffic, achieving higher rankings on search engines, and ultimately driving more sales.

Our dedicated team focuses on enhancing your search engine traffic, optimizing click-to-lead rates, and implementing efficient lead nurturing strategies. With our comprehensive services, you can rest assured that your investment will yield substantial returns. In fact, our clients frequently experience up to a remarkable 10x return on their investment.

Our Dance Studio Marketing Formula

Our innovative model for dance studio businesses combines the forces of SEO, Digital Ads, Web Design, and Sales Automations to deliver exceptional results for your business. Our primary goal is to help you achieve three crucial steps: connecting with your target audience, converting them into valuable leads, and ultimately closing deals that drive more sales.

At Johnson Jones Group, we’re passionate about helping 128 businesses like yours thrive in the digital realm. Let us guide you through our Connect. Convert. Close process and witness the transformation of your online presence into a powerful sales-generating machine. Get ready to connect with your audience, convert them into loyal customers, and close more sales than ever before.

Explore Our Dance Studio Services

Dance Studio Web Design

Get a dance studio website that drives user and conversions. Our team of web designers, developers, and seo specialist will work together to create a dance studio website that delivers.

Web Design & UX

Your website should drive your revenue. By focusing on user-journeys, clear CTA’s, and easily-digestible content, we make it easy for users to book your service which means you can start making more $$$


Your website is like a billboard, business card, and brochure rolled into one. We focus your brand and build you a site that tells your story both with visuals and content.

Web development

Our team of developers can work with you to create you website to your specifications. Whether you want to integrate your site with an existing platform or build custom functionality, we have got you covered.

Managed Cloud Hosting

We monitor your site for downtime and security issues so you never have to worry about your website again. And with cloud hosting and a CDN powered by Flywheel, your site loads fast no matter where your users are.

Dance Studio Advertising

Full service strategy and management of all your campaigns so you can sit back and let new customers come to you. Our certified dance studio marketing specialists use experience and data-driven models to fine tune advertising campaigns catered to increase your brand awareness and drive affordable conversions.

Google Search

Show up at the exact moment your clients are seeking your services. Only pay for the clicks you get.

Google Display

Banner ads across 1,000s of websites. Only to users inside your geofence.

Google Maps

Be the suggested options to users when searching locally. Applies to the Google Maps app and in the local Map Pack whenever a user searches on Google and includes a city or “near me”


Run affordable commercials in your local market with better-than-broadcast demographics targeting (age, gender, interest, recent terms).

Dance Studio SEO

Think long term by growing organic traffic to your dance studio website. And in-turn generating organic clients to your business. Our strategy focuses on a blue collar 1-keyword-1-page philosophy. Because SEO is purely “more effort = better rankings”. It’s not about using confusing terms and tactics to “trick” an algorithm. 

Keyword Planning

Get a master list of the keywords we expect to rank for- complete with monthly search volume, keyword difficulty scores, and regular rankings updates.

Content Marketing

Rank for competitive keywords by producing long-form written content on the topic of services you provide. Keyword stuffing is now a thing of the past.

Website SEO Management

Dedicated specialists using dedicated softwares to get real time updates on your website rankings and performance. We will use innovative strategies to generate more relevant traffic to your site.

Backlink Campaign

Increase your website’s domain authority score. We use a combination of tools and outreach to boost your backlink portfolio to beat your competition in local markets.

Dance Studio Social Media

Engage with your targeted demographic on multiple platforms. Our Dance Studio Social Media advertising packages more channels to your marketing campaigns and reach your target audience through both awareness and retargeting campaigns.

Instagram Ads

Generate more leads with instagram sponsored posts and story ads.

Tiktok Ads

A great channel for affordable impressions and brand awareness focused campaigns.

Facebook Ads

The most sophisticated in targeting of all the social platforms. Facebook will allow you to reach a tailored audience based on specific identifiers to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest has a predominately female user base, and women make up 80% of all purchases. This is an underrated channel in the advertising space.

Other Dance Studio Marketing Services

In addition to our more structured services, we also offer additional ala cart services for dance studios.


All clients receive a custom strategy, so a custom report is also needed. Get regular updated metrics with key performance indicators specific to your marketing/sales pipeline to know exactly what is (and isn’t) working.


Need additional content for your website? Or maybe you want to shoot a new commercial? We can help. Whether in-house or outsourced we’ve got your covered. Our origin story of marketing began in photography and videography.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers to cover any needs digital or physical. Signage, flyers, promotional items, you name it- we’ve done it.


Looking to DIY? Or maybe you have an in-house marketer that just needs help in one are. We offer consulting services by the hour with regular weekly meetings.

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?
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Our Recent Dance Studio Projects

Some of Our Happy Clients

“The Johnson Jones Team Group is knowledgeable, innovative, and results driven! Since working with their team, our website traffic has increased dramatically and our phones are ringing off the hook. December is typically within our slow season, but we are still busy as ever. This team has come up with unique and creative ways to help us reach our customers. We cannot say enough about their team and the great work they do!”

Allie B.
Complete Building Solutions

“As an experienced marketer, I find Johnson Jones Group to be super passionate, progressive, diligent, great communicators who get results! JJG has solutions and are always racing to find new ways to grow our business. If you are looking to grow your business in this fast paced digital world, these guys know their stuff with the energy to make things happen.”

Judy Jost
Juno Construction

“It has been the best business decision that I have ever made. Not only has the Johnson Jones Group structure doubled our business over the four months they’ve been active, but last month was the biggest month in the history of our 8 year old business.”

Scott Wheeler
The Sanctuary on Penn

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